The 4 Resume Types – Which is Right For You?

Four Types of Resumes

There are basically four resume types: Chronological, Functional, Combination or Hybrid, and Digital.

  • Chronological resumes chart career specialization over time. If you are sticking with a particular field this is the resume type for you because prospective employers can easily see where you’ve been and how your career has progressed. This type also works well for graduating students (ahem) because it showcases your school accomplishments and easily transitions to the work place. Where chronological resumes hurt you is if you are trying to change fields or have a large gap in your work history. Then they work against you, and that’s when you use…
  • The Functional resume! These showcase specific skills and abilities that the hiring company is looking for. They minimize work history and instead focus on connecting the dots between what the applicant is capable of and what the job description requires. These work great when you want to change fields or shift to a completely new industry. They also help minimize gaps in work history. n
  • The Combination/Hybrid resume combines combine elements of the first two and is used when the applicant has some work history relevant to the targeted position. So if I was an engineer and then left to be a barista for a couple of years and then decided I wanted to be an engineer again I’d go with the Combo/Hybrid. So I guess there are really just the two basic resume types so far as this one is clearly the love-child of the previous two.
  • The Digital resume is made specifically for uploading into electronic systems. It is nothing more than a copy of one of the previous three (really two) resume types with all the tricky fonts (bold, italics), graphical elements, bullets, underlines, and wingdings removed so that your resume doesn’t accidentally get splinched like Ron Weasley did in The Deathly Hallows. And push all the text to the left. It’ll be about as pretty as your kid sister without makeup when you’re finished but the machines will thank you for it. If you’re wondering why we want to make the machines happy go back and re-read the part about ATS systems killing your job search before it even gets started.

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