Start Your Resume Off Right – The Difference is in the Thumbs

Resume-quality Paper Thumb

Make sure your resume is printed on quality resume paper. Please don’t use printer paper because it’s cheap and flimsy and when the recruiters are thumbing through big stacks at the end of the day your cheap flimsy printer page will fly by unnoticed whereas a resume printed on quality paper stock or cotton (not kidding) will catch their thumb, unless they have no thumbs.

Imagine a book where most pages are the same and every time someone leafed through it they’d have to stop on a picture of you. There’s your resume, self-graded with stars (no ponies or unicorns, please) front and center for them to see. You’d be amazed how this increases your chances of making the short stack. And the short stack is where we want to be because these are the people they follow up with after the job fair for interviews.

Here’s a list of quality resume paper on Amazon. My preference is Southworth 24 lb, 100% cotton in Ivory, but the 32 lb has caught my eye. I think I’d print my resume on a brick if I could, then it would really stand out. But I’d stop short of throwing it through the company’s front window. Probably.

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