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College Job Fairs – Why You Won’t Come Home With a New Pair of Shoes if You Just Window Shop

I once worked for a company that had 47 number one priorities. No kidding…if you asked that company’s senior leadership what was most important they would tell you ‘Everything’. So every project got more or less the same amount of limited mindshare and over-extended resources and, guess what? Nothing got done…at least not on time or budget.

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The Difference Between a Headhunter and A Corporate Recruiter – And Why You Care

Recruiters usually come in two flavors: those that are employed directly by the company and those that work for a placement shop or are a free agent. We call the former ‘Corporate Recruiters’ and while the latter call themselves variations of the same thing many of us refer to them simply as ‘Headhunters.’ The difference

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