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Hi! I’m Ray, a snarky, middle-aged former business executive who lives in California, makes guacamole that can make you cry, and coaches people to find better jobs and advance their careers faster. I feel great because I truly enjoy doing something that helps others and it doesn’t hurt that my commute from the bedroom to the kitchen is awesome. Very little traffic…so…I think that means I’ve gone Green.

I have not started a billion dollar company or invented some game-changing technology, though I’m open to suggestions. What I have done is enjoy a successful career doing lots of different things (sales, operations, business administration, back-office initiatives and project management, to name a few) in a variety of industries.

Along the way I discovered a knack for identifying and communicating simple principles that make complicated concepts work, regardless of industry or profession. As a result I’ve been able to advance my career, recruit and develop highly successful teams, and now show businesses and individuals how to achieve their personal and professional goals, while having some fun in the process.

The game is not nearly so hard once we understand how it is played and are willing to get out of our own way.

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I’ve worn lots of hats (including the most adorable one you can see to the left). I’ve been a gas station attendant, busboy, short order cook, field technician, project manager, star salesman, regional manager, vice president, Chief Operating Officer, and corporate doormat. I have worked with, worked for, managed, hired and fired hundreds of people from Seattle to Boston to Florida to San Diego, and many points between. And I have made just about every mistake imaginable when it comes to dealing with people in and around the job search process. But I learned from my mistakes.

One of my early ones was thinking ‘it’ was about the company and whatever products it happened to be producing. Turns out ‘it’ was about the people. ‘It’ has always been about the people, and always will be.

You see, over time I came to realize the aspect of my work that I enjoyed most wasn’t being VP of This, or Executive Director of That…it was the human experience. It was appreciating the nuances that make us individuals. It wasn’t just about getting the job done or accomplishing a corporate objective…it was about improving as a professional and becoming a better person in the process. And once it started working for me I wanted to see it working for others. Kind of like ice cream…you enjoy it more when you share it with someone.

And that’s more or less how I stumbled into becoming an effective leader. By focusing on improving the individual I was able to create stronger teams that performed at a higher level. The sum became greater than the value of its collective parts, and the people I was privileged to work with advanced their careers in the process.


Because times are tough, the job market is an angry bear with exploding claws, and you need to know how to make this part of your life easier. It doesn’t matter if you’re a college student trying to find your first job or an established professional looking to change direction; you need to be able to cut through the job-finding clutter quickly and effectively so you can be about the business of being productive and making the world a better place.

With this blog, I want to give you insight into not only the hiring process and tools for creating better results, but I also want to help you understand the power of communication and the principles of interaction that will accelerate your career goals. Ultimately, if you can be everything you want to be you can enjoy a better quality of life for yourself and the people around you.

My methods and strategies tend to be contrarian. I’m a huge believer in going against the grain when it makes sense to do so. You can wander the forests and mountains of the corporate wilderness and spend a lifetime learning this stuff for yourself or you can hang with me and enjoy the benefit of my experiences, good and bad, to get you where you’re trying to go much faster.

Take what speaks to you. If it helps, even a little, it will have been worth the effort of me learning and passing it on.


Contact me at Ray@interviewtipscafe.com.





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  1. Nick Morozovsky Reply

    Hi Ray,

    I was at your elevator pitch workshop today and asked about elevator pitches specifically for products and you mentioned a podcast with a VC who gives a killer example of a product pitch. Would you please send me the link?

    Nick Morozovsky

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